Qigong in Hastings

Qigong in Hastings with Sigrid

What is Qigong?

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and philosophy the term “Qi ” means “life energy “ and “Gong “means method. Qigong is a method of cultivating and balancing Qi. The concept of Qigong is combined with techniques of martial arts especially Tai Chi, Chinese medicine and philosophy.
In general you can distinguish between static and dynamic exercises. In static Qigong the practitioner remains in a fixed body position. Static Qigong gives more importance to relaxing the mind through mental relaxation and regulating the psychology and function of the organs. On the other hand, dynamic Qigong emphasizes strengthening the body in order to develop coordination, accuracy and agility with gentle movements and accurate breathing.

The benefits of Qigong

Qigong is a perfect antidote to our current lifestyle trends, stressful jobs, fast food and too little sleep. This combination has devastating effects on our bodies and countless studies have shown that this lifestyle leads to chronic illness and mental health issues. Practising Qigong improves strength, stamina, range of motion and flexibility. It also improves the function of the immune system, digestive system and enhances healthy sleeping patterns. Mentally Qigong enhances the ability to concentrate which is vital for effectiveness in studying and at work.
With slow gentle movements (dynamic and static) and accurate breathing you are training tendons, ligaments and muscles which improve flexibility, balance and coordination. These movements will help to activate vital organs and connective tissue and promote the circulation of body fluids (blood, lymph), strengthening the immune system, activating self-healing and calming the nervous system. Studies have shown the effectiveness of Qigong in helping to heal life challenges ranging from high blood pressure and chronic illness to emotional frustration, mental stress and spiritual crisis.


Qigong exercises do not require any level of physical training or special conditions. Anyone can do it. The key to the effectiveness of the training will be your determination to exercise regularly.
I do group classes which are currently limited to 8 people per class but you can also book one-to-one Qigong sessions with me.
From November I will hold the classes at Trinity Hall, Braybrooke Terrace in Hastings.
I fully comply with the social distancing rules in all of my classes. Please contact me if you are interested in any classes or if you have any questions.


  • Monday
  • 2.00Pm-3Pm


  • Tuesday
  • 8.30Pm-09.30Pm


  • Sunday
  • 9.15Am-10.15Am


  • January
  • 2021

Consult Fumin Wang Guo Online

Fumin Wang Guo will analyse your injuries through detailed history and movement analysis. He will develop a therapeutic Qigong exercise plan using his expert knowledge and with his dedicated support you will overcome such challenges as Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Fasciitis, Muscle Contraction, Sprain, Lumbago (lower back pain), Sciatica, herniated Disc, Fibromyalgia and Anxiety.

Fumin Wan Guo

Fumin Wang Guo: Fumin Wang Guo: 8th Duan of WuShu of the National Wushu Association of China; Bachelor of Physical Education from the Sports Faculty of Beijing Pedagogical University, specialized in Wushu, Tajiquan and Qigong; Diploma in Tuina and Digitopuncture from the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; President of Shenzhou - National Association of Taiji Culture in Spain; Chairman of the Qingquan branch of the Beijing Wushu Association; Heir to the Intangible Cultural Heritage - Qingquan of the Xicheng District of Beijing (China); 25th generation of Qingquan; 6th generation of taijiquan yang style; 20th generation of Chen style of taijiquan. 42 years of teaching and clinical experience.


Please contact me if you would like to book a consultation with Fumin Wang Guo or if you are interested in attending a class or if you have any questions.

  • info@qigongclass.co.uk

  • 07492 209190